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a savannah x jesse playlist

first meeting: can you feel the love // elton john
becoming lovers: do i wanna know // arctic monkeys
breakup: wrecking ball // miley cyrus
working it out: never let me go // florence + the machine
happily ever after: moth wings // passion pit

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❝ It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace. ❞

— Chuck Palahniuk, Diary (via observando)
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and i fall heavy into your arms | marco & avery


Avery might not have liked Marco, nor did she particularly enjoy his company. Unable to bite her tongue, she made that much obvious. He was too hard, too abrasive, too outspoken. They clashed too much, and she wasn’t sure she could ever see that changing. But there was something about the way he was now that stopped her, unable to turn away.

She was sure that he would wake up the next morning with a bad hangover, a throbbing hand, and nothing more than a fuzzy memory of the night before. She would get up and pretend as though nothing happened, as though she hadn’t seen him in his most vulnerable state. They would go back into their same rhythms as they always did, no questions asked. But that didn’t mean she could turn away from him now. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, he needed her.

"Why am I here?" Avery repeated, an eyebrow shooting up. She looked down at him, her eyes on him intently, even though he refused to look up. She sighed softly and shrugged her shoulders, practically in defeat. "You know exactly why I’m here," she reminded him, not sure what else to say. It was a question she asked herself almost daily, one that didn’t seem to have an answer. It was what it was, and she’d stopped questioning it. The questions just made it hurt worse.

She bit her lip as he continued to talk, concentrating on healing his hand. Despite everything she saw at the hospital, she still wince as she pulled a shard of glass out of his hand, causing it to bleed anymore. If he expected her to leave him in this state, he was sorely mistaken. She might have thought about it almost constantly; packing up her bags, leaving all of this behind, going far enough that no one could find her. But she wasn’t one to run away.

Marco kept talking, and Avery couldn’t help but stop what she was doing to look down at him, sympathy heavy in her eyes. Whoever the man sitting in front of her was now, it hardly seemed like the man that she’d known for all these weeks. “I can’t leave, we both know that,” Avery reminded him, sighing softly. “If you want me gone this badly, you’ll have to speak to your father. But he holds all the cards here.” It was something Avery had to remind herself almost daily.

She finally went back to what she was doing, sopping up the blood and disinfecting the cut so she could bandage it properly. “Leaving would put my whole family in jeopardy. I agreed to this, I’m not going to run away.” Avery bit her bottom lip as she continued to work, finally bandaging up his hands properly. “How does it feel?” she asked, holding his hand gingerly.

Marco’s straightened listening to her speak she was just as persistent as she had always been, which was annoying. He was giving her an out and she was choosing to stay? There were times where he thought he had her figure out but there was a time just like now where she threw him for a loop it was odd. Like she actually wanted to spend time with him? Marco didn’t understand it sure he thought he was awesome but that was as far as that list went.

Marco snorted when she mentioned Matteo. “You really think I listen to Matteo? You have obviously learned nothing in your time here.” He thought that was funny, he knew Matteo would be pissed if he had let Avery out of their deal but shit he knew that he was a dick. But Marco was not some kind of fucking ogre. 

He wasn’t sure what he wanted here. He knew he didn’t want Avery to feel obligated to having to stick around on his behalf. Marco was used to being alone and although he had grown to her presence in his life he would adjust to being alone again. “I’m not telling you to run away, I’m just giving you the option. You don’t owe me a damn thing Avery. Your family fucked it up it’s not your fault.” 

Marco thought it was ironic he was saying this out of all people but he was still a little drunk. When she finished patching him up he clenched his hand, he winced. There was a dull throbbing in his hand he was sure to feel tomorrow when he woke up along with the inevitable hangover he would have. 

The way Avery’s hand held his he wasn’t used to her tenderness at all. It was a rare side of her, just like this side of him. He held her gaze for a moment his hand in her’s there was a warmth from Avery he felt in himself. Something he was sure he hadn’t felt in years. Something he thought he could never feel again. He withdrew his hand from her’s. “I’m okay, I’m… fine.” He brushed her off. Standing up slowly, he staggered a bit. 

"I’m gonna go to bed, I uh, I feel like shit." Marco spoke softly casting his eyes away from Avery. 

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you’ll always be the only one
even when you’re gone

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i’m wide awake | connor + sam


Connor didn’t usually hang around with people like Sam. He much preferred to stick with his own kind. South siders were supposed to run with south siders, not people from Cape Cod who popped into the south side just for a temporary vacation. That was exactly what Sam was. The Harringtons wouldn’t be around for long, and Connor didn’t understand why Sam and Zoey were both trying so hard to fit in. They had too much money to fit, as rude as that sounded, it was the truth. Connor knew how his neighborhood worked, and it would never include people like the Harrington twins.

There were very few people that Connor would willingly spend time with… Sam Harrington was not one of them. The only reason he had even agreed to meet up and do the project instead of telling Sam to do everything and put his name on it was because Aislinn heard from Teagan and Liam that there was a project happening and that Connor had a partner. Whenever group projects happened, Aislinn usually made the arrangements for Connor and his partner, and Connor got frustrated with it. He wasn’t a hard worker. He never had been, and he didn’t think he ever would be.

He simply raised an eyebrow as Sam spoke, “No.” Connor leaned back on the couch, looking over his shoulder to make sure his mother wasn’t within earshot. “I want you to do all the work, because I’d fuck it up.” Maybe that wasn’t completely true. Connor knew that he was good at English related work. But that didn’t mean he wanted to do any actual work. He wanted to relax and sleep. He didn’t think that was too much to ask for. He had better things to do than homework.

"I doubt you’d mess it up. " Sam replying as optimistically as ever. He never believed that Connor wasn’t smart, he knew he was intelligent. He had to be if he was able to to scam him and his sister out of money. Although a lot of people knew Sam was a pretty easy target, he couldn’t help not helping out. Although he was a bit upset when her found out the truth behind Connor’s scheme he hoped the money he did take from them went to a good cause anyway.

"Come on, Connor. I think you’d do really good. You shouldn’t doubt yourself here. I know this isn’t the most exciting stuff but I am more than happy to help you with any questions you might have." Sam knew that Connor would have probably tried to get him to do the entire project for them and sure he could. It wouldn’t have been the first time he had done a project for someone.

He just wanted Connor to believe he could do it too. Sam got up from the floor sitting next to Connor on the couch, his brown eyes meeting Connor’s. “What if we split it in half? Equal share of the work load is always best.” He suggested. 

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all the feels:”We were together long before we were physically together.” - Ryan Gosling

all the feels:
We were together long before we were physically together.” - Ryan Gosling

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Stay With Me
Sam Smith — In the Lonely Hour
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Why am I so emotional?

No it’s a good look, gain some self-control

And deep down I know this never works

but you can lay with me so it doesn’t hurt ~

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I’m drinking alone in a bar full of assholes.

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